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D.C. District Court Compassionate Release Spreadsheet

This is an excel spread sheet summarizing decisions in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia concerning requests for Compassionate Release as the result of Covid-19. It will be periodically updated

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Date Case # Defendant Judge Prison Medical Issue Decision
4/8/20 2-310(JDB) Kevin Johnson Paul Bates N/A Denied
4/10/20 19-00369 (APM) ) 18-00357 (APM) Terrell Armstead Amit Mehta DC DOC Facilities Asthma Denied
4/10/20 19-cr-258 (KBJ) Sean Ray Wiggins Kentaji Brown Jackson DC Jail Healthy Denied
4/13/20 12-180 (BAH) Henry Alejandro Goldberg Beryl A. Howell Healthy – parents are not Denied
4/16/20 No. 02-294 (BAH) Paul Hammond Beryl A. Howell Rivers Correctional Institution Age & Prostate Cancer Indicative Ruling
4/17/20 19-cr-194 (KBJ) Robert Leake Kentaji Brown Jackson DC Jail Asthma Denied w/out prejudiice
4/21/20 19-mj-00092 MARKARAND MANOHAR DHAVALE, Beryl A. Howell CTF DOC Prediabetes & hypertension Affirmed
4/22/20 18-cr-17 (TSC) Timothy Jennings Chutkan see comment – too long Granted
4/22/20 03-533 (BAH) Carlos Curtis Beryl A. Howell Federal BOP MS, 85% vision reduction, wheelchair Granted
4/27/20 20-10 (CKK) Dawud Riggins Colleen Kollar-Kotelly DC Jail Asthma Denied
4/27/20 No. 18-389 (BAH) Linwood Douglas Thorn Beryl A. Howell DC Jail lung surgery, hypertension Denied
4/27/20 13-231-01 (ESH) Herman Malone Ellen S Huvelle Fort Dix FCI diabetes, high colestoral, two hip replacements Denied w/out prejudiice
4/28/20 18-251 (BAH) Kelvin Otunyo Beryl A. Howell DC DOC Facilities N/A Denied
5/8/20 1:20-cr-00044 (TNM) Deon Cole Trevor N Mcfadden DC Jail N/A Denied
5/10/20 19-cr-194 (KBJ) Robert Leake Kentaji Brown Jackson DC Jail Asthma Denied
5/14/202 14-cr-189 (TSC) Michael Lee Smith Chutkan Abnormal heart murmur, mild degenerative joint disease Granted
5/16/20 15-cr-125 (KBJ) Morris Johnson Kentaji Brown Jackson DC CTF High blood pressure, PTSD, just shy of severe obesity, pulminary hypertension Granted
5/24/20 12-154 (BAH) John C Morris Beryl A. Howell USP Lewisburg Age (71), COPD, Hypertension Granted
5/26/20 1:17-cr-00234-2 (TNM) Wayne Holroyd Trevor N Mcfadden FCI Ashland KY Hypertension, no spleen, African American, Male Denied
5/29/20 19-cr-00085 (ESH) Davon Wheeler Ellen S Huvelle CI Rivers Winton NC Chronic Asthma, AA, see more in comment Denied
6/1/20 18-371 (BAH) Gregory Mauldin Beryl A. Howell Cerebral Palsey Granted
6/1/20 8-364 (JDB) Lee Ayers John D. Bates FCC Butner NC Black Male, immuno compromised, potentially gastric cancer Denied
6/9/20 19-cr-00290 (ESH) Fetehi Mohammed Ellen S Huvelle FCI Cumberland MD Hepatitis B, liver disease, Valvular Heart Disease and Atrial Fibrillation Denied
6/12/20 14-30-2 (BAH) Michael Bikundi Beryl A. Howell FCC Butner NC comorbidities of cancer, hypertension, Hepatitis-C and tuberculosis” Granted
6/16/20 19-cr-21 (KBJ) Jeremy Sears Kentaji Brown Jackson FCI Elkton OH diabetes mellitus, essential hypertension, asthma, and depression Denied
6/19/20 1:19-cr-00347 (TNM) Arnold Jackson Trevor N Mcfadden CVRJ diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, and obesity Denied
6/19/20 17-0019 (PLF) SHEILA SCUTCHINGS Paul L Friedman FMC Carswell hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, diverticulitis, chronic gastric esophageal reflux disease, hyperlipidemia, severe obesiety Denied w/out prejudiice
6/24/20 17-58 (EGS) DOMINIC RANDY QUEEN Emmet Sullivan CI Rivers Winton NC Healthy 28 Male Denied w/out prejudiice
6/25/20 11-356 (RDM) IRFAN DEMIRTAS Randolph. D. Moss Allenwood Low age, asthma, allergies, language limitations, and the COVID-19 pandemic Denied w/out prejudiice
6/25/20 10-0051 (PLF) Randoloph Danson Paul L Friedman FMC  Lexington Alcohol addiction, years of smoking, “a health condition which causes fainting, dizziness, & vomiting. Mr. Danson’s blood tests are also indicitative of several diseases, for which he has yet been given a proper diagnosis Granted
6/26/20 19-0205 (PLF) DANTE NICHOLSON Paul L Friedman DC Jail CTF Denied
6/30/20 18-103 (EGS) Tony Evans Emmet Sullivan FCI Danbury sleep apnea, essential hypertension, and obesiety Denied
7/7/20 No. 16-0180 (ESH) Brynee Baylor Ellen S Huvelle FPC Alderson WV “focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) a chronic kidney disease (CKD),” and “elevated blood pressure readings,” Denied w/out prejudiice
7/17/20 19-0082 (PLF) DEMETRIUS MCMILLAN Paul L Friedman FCI Butler Low “malignant hypertensive heart disease, respiratory abnormalities, chronic kidney disease, and congestive heart failure. Denied w/out prejudiice
7/20/20 07-cr-178 (JDB) Jeffrey Franklin John D. Bates FCI Beckley WV high blood pressure, chronic pain from a gunshot wound,  history of smoking Denied
7/21/20 02-106 (JDB) Brian Carr John D. Bates USP Atlanta 52 year old black male, chronic smoker, asthma Denied
7/22/20 95-0088 (PLF) Percy Barron Paul L Friedman USP McCreary high blood pressure, borderline diabetic Denied w/out prejudiice
7/23/20 1:17-cr-00234-2 (TNM) Wayne Holroyd Trevor N Mcfadden FCI Ashland KY Denied
7/27/20 17-0019 (PLF) SHEILA SCUTCHINGS Paul L Friedman FMC Carswell govt must supply more info
7/27/20 08-0376 (PLF) Gregory Lassiter Paul L Friedman No jurisdiction – has an appeal ongoing Denied w/out prejudiice
7/29/20 13-cr-00030 (ESH) Kevin Brown Ellen S Huvelle FCI Butler Low Age, Alcohol addiction, black male, adjustment disorder w/ depressed mood Denied
7/31/20 04-128-21 (ESH) Tommy Dorsey Ellen S Huvelle FCI Hazelton type 2 diabetes, hypertension, & obesiety Denied
8/5/20 95-0088 (PLF) Percy Barron Paul L Friedman USP McCreary high blood pressure, borderline diabetic Recommended transfer to Springfield MCFP
8/7/20 11-0290 (PLF) Devon Robinson Paul L Friedman unopposed given medical history and time served Granted
8/12/20 19-143 (BAH) Michael Tobias Beryl A. Howell FCI Petersburg Low alcoholic hepatitis and pulmonary fibrosis, 39 yr old black male Denied
8/13/20 08-0118-(5) (PLF) Edward Farley Paul L Friedman FCI Fort Dix Type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and obesity Granted
8/21/20 07-cr-00152-4 (ESH) Ernest Glover Ellen S Huvelle FCI Schuykill Hypertension, high blood pressure, prediabetic, preexisting lung condition Granted
8/31/20 18-cr-68 (BAH) MICHAEL AFRAM ORJI Beryl A. Howell hypertension Denied
9/2/20 17-cr-207 (KBJ) D’angelo Dunlap Kentaji Brown Jackson State Correctional Facility Baltimore MD, FCI Schuykill see comment – too long Granted
9/3/20 17-0019 (PLF) SHEILA SCUTCHINGS Paul L Friedman FMC Carswell Denied w/out prejudiice
9/12/20 02-310 (JDB) Kevin Johnson Paul Bates FCI Cumberland MD age, high cholesterol, farsightedness, and high blood pressure Denied
9/14/20 14-30-1 (BAH) Florence Bikundi Beryl A. Howell Bruceton Mills WV age, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity Denied
9/18/20 1:17-cr-00109-APM Azam Doost Amit Mehta USP Atwater asthma & obesiety Denied