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I am a criminal defense attorney who specializes in complex international criminal prosecutions. For twenty-two (22) years I worked for the United States Department of Justice. During that time, I was lead trial attorney in more than eighty (80) criminal trials and participated in thousands of other court proceedings. I have significant experience in international drug and money laundering prosecutions, mail and wire fraud, complex financial investigations, and gang and other violent crime cases. I left the Government more than eight years ago and in that time, I have represented hundreds of defendants who want the very best legal representation possible.

Based upon my experience and ability, I believe that I am uniquely well qualified to identify the problems in any particular criminal case – whether it is legal, factual, or practical. It is my responsibility to exploit the problems in the Government’s case (and every case has problems) to the benefit of my clients. I pride myself on fighting for my clients and I have the experience and capacity to challenge the Government’s case from beginning to end.

If you want to know more about my experience and the other members of my legal team, please click on “ABOUT THE FIRM.” To view examples of my legal work, please click on “EXAMPLES OF OUR LEGAL WORK.” Finally, under the caption “THE FEDERAL SENTENCING GUIDELINES,” you will find a comprehensive summary and analysis of the rules that govern sentencings in federal courts in the United States.